Ten Minute Magic

What a magical start of the day.
It is magical, because we discussed about the magic in our lives, I and my six year old, Saavi.
We got up early and got ready to go to her school and this is the conversation we ended up making.

Saavi: Daddy, I want a hamster.
Me: Remember what we talked about? We will go to a pet store this weekend and will see if you would like to have a hamster.
Saavi: NO. I want it NOW.
Me: Have patience. Patience is a virtue (a statement she heard a lot from our friend, Gagan, and she understands a bit about virtue).

Saavi: NO. I don’t want to have patience. I want a hamster NOW.

Me: I think you should have patience. You know why? because it is magical.
Saavi: If it is magical then I want to see it.

* She has recently been to a magic show at her school and has ‘seen’ magic. Of course if it is magical, we all should be able to see it. *

Me: You know what, there are certain magical things that cannot be seen. And, these magical things that cannot be seen are very powerful.
You can only feel the magic about these things if you pay close attention to them.

Saavi: Really?

Me: Sure. Let’s talk about other unseen magical things as well, like, Hard work and Love. Hard work is magical and so is Love. When you do hard work, you will see the magic happening around you. When you love someone, you will feel the magic around everyone. Just like mommy and daddy love you, everyone feels magical. When you do hard work with your artwork, everyone thinks it’s magical. We create magic with patience, hard work and love.

Saavi: I love to do hard work. But I don’t want to have patience.

Me: Now, thats the thing about unseen magical things. If you love one of them, you automagically learn other unseen magical things. Since you love to do hard work, you automagically learn patience and love. If you have patience, you automagically learn hard work and love. They are all connected.

Saavi: Yay, I love Patience. I love Hard work, I love Love.

With that we reached her school and I dropped her off with the biggest smile on her face. I felt magical.

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